Varietal Grape Juice

Flein – varietal grape juice of the highest quality

Flein Sauvignon Blanc

Flein is an elegant aperitif or food companion, a special alc-free alternative to a glass of wine.

The grapes for Flein are grown in steep-sloped vineyards and are cultivated and harvested by hand, especially for the production of our juices. Gently pressed à la méthode champenoise and pasteurised using the latest technology, Flein enables variety-typical aromas.

Flein comes with a surprising freshness, elegance, and lively acidity. This varietal grape juice stands for utmost drinking pleasure.

To be enjoyed pure and chilled in a big wine glass!

Flein captures a moment that was usually reserved for the winemaker:

“Flein recalls the juice of Sauvignon Blanc running freshly from the press.”

Alois Gross (winemaker and father of Veronika)

Our goal is to preserve the flavours of the berries in the juice


Flein’s vineyard

We cultivate our vines based on organic principles, do without plant protection from floraison onwards, and believe in reducing yield. Choosing the right vineyard plot and harvest time is important when it comes to preserving both freshness and a lively acidity in the juice.

Ernte von Hand


All we do on the vine itself is done by hand – from pruning down to harvest. This requires up to nine contacts per vintage and vine. Handwork is simply a must in the steep-sloped vineyards, and a true quality booster.

Flein Ernte Sauvignon Blanc

Gently pressed

Grapes pressed with the same method as for Champagne: a low press yield of 55 per cent matches that of Champagne. Thus, any bitter substances or unripe nuances are left behind. Only the best part of the berries is used to ennoble Flein, without any compromise.


High-end pasteurisation

To preserve the varietal-typical aromas, we rely on a new pasteurisation process using lower temperatures. The grape juice is bottled cold, briefly heated and quickly cooled down.

Gottesanbeterin in der Hand

A natural product

Flein is nature in its purest form – no artificial flavours are added. Pasteurisation is the natural way to ensure a decent shelf-life. As heat usually kills aromas, we found a particularly gentle solution.

Flein mit Spargel

Food companion & aperitif

The lean, elegant grape juice with its beautiful acidity guarantees joyful moments. The nose, taste, and aftertaste of this alc-free experience can be wonderfully celebrated in a social atmosphere.

FLEIN_ERNTE_003_C_Lupi_Spuma (Groß)

To be enjoyed pure & chilled

Chilled and served in a wine glass, Flein displays its aromas in their purest form. Discerning the varietal aromas in the juice is a true taste experience.

A glass of Flein …

100% varietal
100% natural
100% handcrafted

No alcohol
No artificial additives

Flein Sauvignon Blanc

Grape juice from
Sauvignon Blanc

Flein Sauvignon Blanc is grown in a steep-sloped terraced site on 250 to 400 m a.s.l., in a south-facing bowl-shaped vineyard of the winegrowing village of Gorca. Alpine and Mediterranean climates combine to produce its special taste. The vines are deeply rooted in a poor limey marl soil.

Brilliant light yellow in the glass. Morning dew-wet grass and stinging nettle. Green capsicum and lime zest. Lean on the palate. Pleasant interplay of sugar and acidity. Light-hearted and complex alike. To be served in a wine glass for sure.

A perfect companion for both fish and vegetable dishes as well as light starters. Best enjoyed in its first year. 

A small but beautiful brothers and sister project

Veronika Mitteregger

Veronika Mitteregger

Veronika is the initiator of this brothers and sister project. She is part of the Gross Family who has been cultivating wine in Südsteiermark and Štajerska Slovenija over generations.

+43 664 5308665 | mail@flein.at

Maria und Michael Gross

Maria und Michael
Vino Gross

Maria and Michael are both heart and soul of Vino Gross. They have steeply-sloped terraced vineyards in the best wine-growing sites of Štajerska Slovenija.


Martina und Johannes Gross

Martina und Johannes
Weingut Gross

The Gross Family has been in the winemaking business since 1907. Today Martina and Johannes are responsible for cultivating the vines in the steep sites of Südsteiermark.


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Nika beim Traubennaschen

The whole story?

On the lookout for an alc-free alternative to the much-loved glass of wine I kept asking myself: why can grape juice not taste like the variety it consists of?

From my early childhood days, my parents walked through the vineyards with me, explaining the taste of the berries and their varietal aromas in a playful way. Can this taste be preserved in a grape juice?

Is it possible to produce a varietal grape-juice with the same appreciation as for wine and to present and/or celebrate the unfermented juice in the same way?

Read more ... (English version cooming soon)

Where can I buy Flein?


Webshop of the brother’s winery

Sales ex winery

Weingut Gross, gross.at
8461 Ratsch / Weinstraße 26 / Austria

... and at numerous retailers, restaurants and shops in Austria, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Switzerland and Slovenia. More details on request.


Flein – varietal grape juices

Veronika Mitteregger
+43 664 5308665 | mail@flein.at

Gross & Gross - Distributors for Flein
Ratsch 26 | 8461 Ehrenhausen | Austria